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Welcome To the Party, Jodie

The Sixers let the Pistons hang with them through three quarters in their home opener last before taking off the kid gloves and blowing Detroit out of the water with a 32-point fourth quarter, en route to a 96-73 win. (game capsule)

Here's your rotation chart. The worst of the night was a -2, pretty amazing considering how they let Detroit hang in there for so long:

I'm going to keep this very brief because it's late, we have another game tomorrow night, and I'm working on another post that will land between now and then.

  • Jodie Meeks finally woke up from his terrible shooting slump in a huge way in the fourth quarter. Meeks hit four three-pointers and used the traditional 2+1=3 and added another jumper to score his 17 points in the fourth quarter. Let's hope he's back to what he was last season, because the Sixers certainly need him to be a viable member of their 8-man rotation going forward, or at least a serviceable member. Collins really stuck with Meeks tonight. He was terrible in the early going, but Doug put him out there to start the fourth when Detroit was still within striking distance. Once Meeks hit one three, the entire team starting looking for him, here's a look at the assists on his fourth-quarter field goals: Jrue, Jrue, Brand, Lou, Iguodala, Hawes.
  • Jrue had a terrible shooting night (2/10), but handed out 9 dimes while only turning the ball over twice. 17 assists, 2 turnovers in his last two games.
  • Iguodala had a bad shooting night (and got booed for missing a free throw). He also had two of the worst turnovers you'll ever see, and four turnovers total. If you're looking for a positive from Iguodala's game, look at the defense and look at the fact that he only took 4 shots.
  • EB was terrible, Lou had a solid first half, Turner was pretty good, especially on the glass (8 defensive rebounds) though he didn't shoot particularly well. Thad played a great game. I don't think he attempted 1 jumper, he was Mr. Energy the whole night, and finished 7/11 for 15 points with 7 boards (5 offensive). This was one of the best defensive games of his career. He was all over the floor tipped passes, doubling Bynum to get the ball out of his hands (not Andrew Bynum, Will Bynum. And yes, with the team Detroit had on the floor, doubling Bynum was the right move).
  • Collins even got a chance to clear the bench, calling on Vucevic, Brackins, and Nocioni finished out the game
  • Make no mistake, the Pistons are a terrible team, and they were even worse tonight without Stuckey and Gordon, but you have to beat the bad teams - as we've said over and over - and the good teams beat them badly. That's what the Sixers did tonight. It wasn't pretty wire-to-wire, but they just kept the energy up all game until the Pistons caved late. That's a solid formula for success in this shortened season.

That's all I've got for now. Great job getting the win in the home opener, now do it again tomorrow night.

Player of The Game: This was Jodie's coming out party, but Spence gets the nod. He was the only starter to make solid contributions in the first three quarters, and he continued his great play in the early season with 16 points on 8/14 from the floor with 14 boards (10 defensive), 4 assists and 2 blocks.
Team Record: 4-2 (FIRST PLACE!)
Up Next: vs. TOR, tonight at 8pm.
Comment of The Game Thread: "Come on, still pour it on em, win by 20. calling it." - by Eddies' Heady's (winner for calling the 20-point win when the game was still somewhat in question.

Also, if you missed the home opener episode of SixersBeat, listen to the replay right here:

by Brian on Jan 7 2012
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