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Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

When the Sixers take the floor tonight against the New York Knicks, they will officially be tied with Detroit and Indiana for 12th place in the Eastern Conference. They will be 4.5 games out of the playoffs, 5 games out of the #7 seed, 6 games out of the #6 seed and 6.5 games out of the #5 seed. With 46 games remaining, I have absolutely no idea where they'll finish, but let's take a shot at predicting after the jump anyway.

Usually this is the point where I'd make some assumptions about the team. For example, I'd say "let's assume Eddie Jordan continues to use Jrue to close game, Elton Brand's minutes continue to increase and we're going to see a ton of big lineups from here on out," but I can't say that with any confidence. To be honest, I'm not even completely sure I know how I want the Sixers to finish this season. Would a playoff appearance guarantee Eddie Jordan's return to coach the team next season? Is this the best shot the Sixers will have for a high lottery pick in the next three seasons?

There are so many variables, I can't even wrap my head around them. There is one finite thing we can take a look at, though. The remaining schedule. Notably, how many games do the Sixers have vs. the teams they're chasing for those playoff spots. Check it out:

  • Indiana: 3 games (2@, 1H)
  • Detroit: 1 game (1H)
  • Washington: 0 games
  • New York: 3 games (1@, 2H)
  • Milwaukee: 3 games (2@, 1H)
  • Chicago: 3 games (1@, 2H)
  • Charlotte: 2 games (1@, 1H)
  • Toronto: 3 games (2@, 1H)
  • Miami: 4 games (2@, 2H)
That's 22 remaining games against the teams they're battling for playoff seeding (or ping pong balls, depending on your perspective). 11 on the road, 11 at home. Overall, the Sixers will play 28 games against teams at or below .500 and only 18 against teams with winning records.

Take your best guess at their final resting place in the poll, then tell me where you want them to finish, and why, in the comments. 

by Brian on Jan 13 2010
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