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Disclaimer: The following is a rant from my wife, Mrs. Depressed Fan, the opinions of wife of DF are hers and hers alone, and in no way reflect the views of DF himself.

Exhibit A

Two minutes are left in the 76ers game. Behind me, several groups of pre-teen children are jumping up and down and dancing to We Will Rock You as one of the teams uses a time-out.

In front of me another group of children are calling their parents in the nose bleed seats, thrilled that they have managed to sneak down to the court-side seats. Lou Williams gives them a knowing smile. And on the other side of me and my hubby, aka Depressed Fan, one boy sits on his father's lap. He hasn't budged all game.

Another father keeps his arm around his son. In fact, most of the people who have stuck it out through three quarters on Easter Sunday night when the 76ers trailed by 17 in the third quarter, are parents and their kids. So when the 76ers cheerleaders walk on the floor dressed like prostitutes, I wonder why. More than that I am pissed. (To be fair, the 76ers girls look no more skanky than other basketball or football cheerleaders, but that is beside the point.) Why are these women showing off their cleavage and ass cheeks, to an audience mostly made up of prepubescent kids? And why do they have to don more than one whorish ensemble?

They started off wearing high f*ck-me white boots with skirts that barely covered their asses, then switched to sweats and a something like a string bikini (see picture above). Where is the FCC? These women are showing as much skin as Janet Jackson with her so-called "wardrobe malfunction."

What kind of role models are these women to the girls in the audience and what kind of perverted ideas are these women giving the young boys? Don't get me wrong I have no problem with acrobats, gymnasts or even dancers trying to pump up the crowd, but there is no reason why these women should look like hookers.

by Lisa on Apr 9 2007
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