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Hi Brian,

I might go for that game earlier where they were over 20 down and came back and won (I think it was Portland).

I have a quick question about Thad since I don't get to see many games where I live. Why does he have so much of a disparity in the amount of shots he takes game in, game out? It seems some games he's featured and in other games he hardly touches the ball. Normally, the players will be around a certain amount of shots a game (with a few outliers if someone is very hot or very cold). But his shot attempts are all over the map. I'd like him to pass more (if he doesn't have the ball he can't help that) and rebound better also.

On another topic, when he hustles Speights is really impressive. Assuming he works hard, he'll be one of the best in his draft class and a steal for the Sixers. I don't know why he isn't getting any press.

Last question first: Speights doesn't get any press because it's more fun to write about how stupid the Sixers were to sign Brand, right now. Sensationalist journalism at its worst. Kate Fagan, from the Inquirer actually writes a lot about Speights, she has been all season.

Now, about Thad. That's a really good question. Tonight, he had tough match-ups, either Artest, Battier or Scola was guarding him most of the night. They're all physical defenders. In general, Thad isn't a selfish player in the least. If he's hitting his shot early, he'll look for it. If he isn't, he won't. Personally, I'd like to see more plays called for him in the post. He's got great moves down there and really knows how to finish.

One thing I'll mention about Coach DiLeo, while Mo Cheeks practically bragged that he never called plays for Thad, DiLeo has been calling Thad's number when the match-up provides a mismatch, and more often than not, it's paid dividends.

The easy answer to your question, which I probably should've given first, is that Thad is young. It's hard to pencil young players in for consistent numbers. His production will probably be up and down all season, he's not going to be too assertive on the offensive end with guys like Brand, Miller and Iggy around him, and that's not necessarily a bad thing for the team. The veterans trust him, and they look to get him the ball in a position where he can convert. I'm not worried about his field goal attempts as much as the rebounding numbers. He's capable of being a very good rebounder for his position, I just want to see the effort on a nightly basis.

The celebration picture is awesome.

I was in a class, second 4 hour class at night in a row, i hadn't expected to take (but now sort of have to because if i drop it the class gets cancelled) so i was just glancing at the box score every so often and trying to figure out the results query. I must admit i did let out a small cheer in the class when i noticed that they had taken the lead. Thanks for the summary...nice to hear about sam, nice to be at 500

nicer to get above 500

Nice breakdown of the game Brian. I resist the notion of "statement games" in general because I think it puts too much emphasis on any one moment in a season. I'm not saying that is what you are saying, but I think we sometimes have a tendency to over sell a win and a loss. That being said, I can't think of a bigger win to date this season. Sure, there were other wins that might have been more surprising, but few had the elements this game provided.

All in all, I would call it the best win to date.

I still find a few trends worrying, particularly the perimeter defense and return to terrible outside shooting. In your comment above, you remark on the ills of sensationalism in journalism. I think we fell victim to that with the recent success of the Sixers beyond the arc. In my mind, that was more of a statistical blip than a trend. This is a team comprised mostly of suspect shooters--they were bound for a few bad games.

The shooting is going to run hot and cold, apparently. We can only hope that they don't completely shy away from the three, and that they can hover somewhere close to league average as a team from three. The first is in their control, the second may not be.

Keep creating open looks, keep taking them when they're there. That's pretty much all you can do.


Despite the plummeting percentage, just the threat that they will put up those shots will help to keep the defense honest. Of course, making them is better but if there is no threat of a shot, the defense has no reason to defend the perimeter.

Am I the only one who thinks that with this 'good' play recently there will never be a better time to trade sam?

I don't think that's lost on Stefanski. Maybe some of these packages we've been examining are actually possible.

john reply to Brian on Jan 29 at 12:36

Well I'm just wondering about here - my 'long term good short term bad' ideas tend to be frowned upon :)

Quick question - i want to mass email everyone - but just wanted to ask you about the site if you don't mind - would you be interested in a 'daily email' that says how you did yesterday and a reminder to pick for today?

Yeah, that would probably be helpful. I have trouble keeping up w/ daily things, my days are so hectic.

john reply to Brian on Jan 29 at 13:01

Tell me about it - i missed a day already and it's my friggin site :) Figuring out the standings is a bitch and a half - gotta get the sorting done in mysql as opposed to if you click results now it's claculated through PHP so there would be no sorting :)

I'll work on that - the reminder thing will probably take a few days as i have to learn about 'cron jobs' :)

cron jobs are a giant pain in the ass. make sure your host allows them, and how frequently they allow them.

sorry for the geek talk, folks. this is the end of it from me.

john reply to Brian on Jan 29 at 13:31

Oh - i have dream host - they're awesome - i signed up for a years hosting with a 90 dollar off coupon - and it cost me 30 bucks - i added a second domain and it was free :) they are the best hosts out there (if you're looking) - they do offer the jobs - but you're right gotta look at it closely - worst comes to worst - i create a page for myself to go to and just by going there it runs the information

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