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Iggy Leads the Way

An ugly win for sure, but a win nonetheless. It will be interesting to see how Brand responds to playing the center position while Dalembert is on the mend. While he is a bit undersized, he is a stout post defender and a very good shot blocker. It looks like we are about to see Brand get those extended minutes we have been waiting for.

Tonight is going to be very interesting. His first back-to-back and they're going to need big minutes out of him.

Its interesting that the nights the play poorly are the same nights the can't hit FT's. I guess it all comes down to being in rhythm and being focused.

Usually teams are consistent from the line, you'd expect them to be in the low-to-mid 70's, instead, you get 95% one night and 55% the next. I'd love to be able to explain it. Maybe it's youth.

Speaking of getting put to sleep, sounds like Willie Green put this whole board to sleep last night. Stroke em willie stroke em

Willie was unbelievably hot in that first quarter. It's been a while since I've seen him do that. Maybe he'll go on a hot streak (for him) and be an average player in the league.

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