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Andre Miller Trade Rumors

clicheguevara on Feb 5 at 1:05

You forgot to talk about the Clippers. They now have too many center types making big money, and a solid rookie in DeAndre Jordan. Chris Kaman (preferably) or Marcus Camby straight up would work. Kaman could provide a nice compliment to or replacement for Elton Brand. Would probably make either Brand or Dalembert expendable.

I would still prefer to see Miller for Hinrich, if Chicago would be down. Hinrich is an upgrade on defense and although he has point skills, he doesn't need the ball all the time to be effective. He's shown flashes of brilliance on Bulls teams that have been downright dysfunctional. Good outside shot too - career 37.7% from downtown, with a 41.5% season two years ago. I think his skills blend in perfectly with what we already have.

I believe Hinrich is a good defender as well. I didn't mention the Clippers because I don't really see a big man as an immediate need for the team. Or, to be more clear, I don't think a big man is as pressing of a need for the team. Outside shooting is the fundamental problem that needs to be fixed.

Phil Lee reply to clicheguevara on Feb 5 at 10:21

right team, wrong trade. I liked this one


though I'm not sure either side would go for it

Wow. I'm not a Baron fan. Too much of a gunner for me. I don't think there's any way the Sixers would do it, either. They already signed Iggy and Brand to long term deals in the past 7 months, one of which isn't exactly looking great right now. Baron has been atrocious in L.A. I'd pass and I think Stefanski would as well.

If it did happen, I'd say the Clippers would be the ones who would have to sweeten the offer. Miller has much more value than Baron at this point.

clicheguevara reply to Phil Lee on Feb 5 at 12:36

I'm looking through the PG's that would be free agents this summer and there are not many attractive options at all. The best fit would probably be Tyronn Lue, who definitely isn't ready for starter's minutes. I think that if we are going to trade Andre Miller, we need to get a solid replacement for the position. We can all agree we don't want to have too integrate a rookie into the position next season, right?

Sorry to keep pressing the Hinrich idea, but I had dreams last night of how well we would fit. A Hinrich/LouWill combo could be amazingly effective because of their different speeds/styles. He also turns the ball over less than Miller.

That would leave one major hole in this team at SG. Since I'm counting on Miller's salary being replaced by another PG, that would leave us with the MLE, I believe, this summer. Here are the best options I could find:

Anthony Parker
Wally Szczerbiak
Rodney Carney (probably not ready to start)
Ben Gordon (although if we sign Hinrich, he will probably get a fat deal from Chicago)
Ron Artest (least likely to sign for MLE money)

Anthony looked very appealing to me until I realized that he was 33?! This is only his sixth year in the league, though, so maybe he has more legs under him. He's a career 41.8% from downtown, so would fit perfectly with our scheme.

Wally is 31, but is still dangerous. I'm not sure he is ready for a starting role ever again, though. Career 40.6% from 3. Has anyone noticed he is looking in better shape than ever these days? The guy is jacked.

If I were GM, I would do whatever it takes to get Hinrich then convince Parker to take the MLE. Our long-range shooting problems would dissolve overnight. We could also have potentially one of the best 2nd units in the NBA with Williams, Green, Thad, Speights, and Jason Smith. Hopefully this offseason is as much a "nuclear winter" as it's predicted to be.

I'd do Miller for Hinrich, definitely. Parker's also a very good fit, if you can get him relatively cheap (I don't think he's a full MLE guy, and I wouldn't want to sign him for more than two years).

It all depends on what Chicago wants to do. Do they think they have a shot at the playoffs? Do they want cap space this summer? If they're going to move Hinrich, are they dead set on dumping a salary with him? Tons of questions, but I like the moves.

"Too much sense to happen" - really- baron davis and his terrible contract and selfish play on a team that needs a less selfish point guard than Baron Davis is?

Oh yeah - bad contract and bad health risk (and he has a history of issues - not just brands 'newer' issues)

Getting Baron Davis on this team makes almost no sense to me

He's not quite what I had in mind when I said long-term pg solution.

So after seeing my trade here I feel the need to defend it ... re: money, the Sixers are locked up anyway, it isn't like Dre will get the 76ers under the cap. As far as on-the-court action goes, I personally believe that having a playing with an 'alpha' personality is worth immereasurables when it comes to intangible situations. Maybe I'm wrong, but is the worst case w/ BD worse than the worst case w/o? The Sixers are stuck with cost through Boom's contract, why not take a shot for the length?

Well, they aren't technically stuck against the cap for the duration. After 2010-2011 Dalembert, Evans and Willie come off the cap, but you'd have to assume they're going to use some cap space between now and then.

It all depends on what you think of Baron. Personally, I'm not crazy about his game. Too many shots, too low of a percentage. Yes, he is that guy who will stick a three in your face and break the other team's back, but for every time he does that, he shoots 6/22 from the field and kills your offense twice. He was probably perfect in Don Nelson's offense, I just don't see the Sixers running style as being the same.

My 'theories' on trades is that first and foremost it's about on the court then you worry about the things like the money - and baron davis is a gunning injury prone shooting too much point guard

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