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Well, You Can't Blame The Andres

Real and Speightacular on Mar 3 at 6:29

Thought you might be pleased to know that Mark Cuban, according to the Mav's player evaluation system, rates Iggy the fifth most "money" player in the league, just after Chris Paul. Thad comes in at a surprising 28th.

"One more point, these numbers don’t reflect necessarily the best players in the league, but what they do reflect is the players that are being best put in a position to succeed and are delivering. When their teams have a need, they deliver. Thats why some names are not the biggest names. its also a reflection of their coaches. Some coaches don’t necessarily use their players in the best lineups or matchups, which negatively impacts their ability to perform. Others are consistently good at it."

This is really the second statistical study that ranks Iguodala really high as far as "clutch" shooting goes. I'm sure this one will be ignored as well. Didn't you get the memo? Iguodala is an over-paid second banana.

The Andre's have been great since their slow start. I guess in theory you add in a reliable 20/10 PF and you should have a winner.

That's why we were all so high on the Brand signing. Its hard to keep that in perspective watching this team.

Unfortunatley, 2 of the three will likely decline in the coming years, and I'm not sure they complement each other (in the absence of great shooters at the other 2 positions.)

You want a great shooter at center?

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 3 at 9:51

Memo Okur will be a free agent.. And I think he's the only player in the NBA who fits the description.

I'm wondering if he'll opt out after all. If I had an ETO this summer, I'd think long and hard about what's happened in baseball and what's happening economically in basketball as well before I turned down guaranteed money.

Not usually, but if you can't shoot at PG, SG and SF then you need shooters wherever you can find them. Dirk, Okur and Troy Murphy are bigs that shoot. The Sixers have Smith and Speights. In fact Speights starting next to Brand could provide some of the shooting they need to spread the floor.

I don't think the sixers need a great shooter at center - i think they need better defenders (on the pick and roll) some better rebounding (maybe Brand makes that better, I don't know) and some perimeter shooting.

The sixers aren't really that close to contending for a title - and I hope the front office isn't in the billy king 'one piece away' mode that was the post Larry Brown years.

Something I'm surprised I haven't seen mentioned here is Sammy's recent trend of thinking he has offense. Over the past 8 games or so (dating back to before the break) he's been less active on the glass, hasn't defended as well, and has tried far more jumpers and is putting the ball on the floor more. I'm guessing this at the behest of the coaching staff based on the theory that offensive touches for Sam seem to get him going on the other end, but it seems to have simply gotten him out of his game. During that nice streak of wins before the break he really looked like he was zoned in on his exact role on the floor (the Salmi "anchor of the defense"). Now he looks much more like the scatterbrained Dalembert we've all come to expect over the past several seasons.

I don't think I see it. In the past three games he's only attempted 6, 5 and 4 shots. And his rebounding has been stellar (24 boards in 60 minutes or 14.4/36 minutes).

Last night he was horrible against the P&R, so he barely played. The previous game he was in foul trouble.

Sam is pretty consistent, some areas he's consistently bad in, others he's consistently good in.

Tom Moore on Mar 3 at 10:39

The bench was especially bad, shooting a combined 4-of-18 and scoring 13 points in 61 minutes. Williams (2-for-9) had another subpar outing.

Check out this stat: The Sixers have not hit more than 6 3-pointers in any of the past 14 games and are 6-8 in those games (3.7 3FGM per; 52 total) after having 7+ 3FGM six times in the 11 games prior (6.5 3FGM per) in going 9-2 in those games

Armin Tamzarian reply to Tom Moore on Mar 3 at 11:04

Yep... just imagine this team if they were even a mid-level three-point shooting team. It's frustrating.

Mike reply to Tom Moore on Mar 3 at 14:23

yep they're the old phoenix team without any shooters. but they play better D. that team would have been mediocre too.

First. Iguodola looks like Urkel in the picture for this story. As far as the Sixers...they cant seem to beat anyone decent lately. Im thinking Dileo is losing the team a bit...they arent THIS bad. Iguodola has been money, Miller has played well. The rest....filled with inconsistent play. I guess it will take time with this group.

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