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What's The Problem?

Tom Moore on Apr 13 at 18:25

Give Miller credit for being honest. Asked after today's practice who would be the Sixers' best playoff matchup, he said, “Everybody wants to duck Boston and Cleveland in the first round because they’re going to be hungry to get those series over with quick."

That means they'd draw the Magic if they can remain sixth. Unless Turkoglu is out, it's hard to imagine the Sixers winning more than a game from Orlando.

If they keep playing like this, they won't take a game from anyone. I guess we have to hope they wake up between now and then.

I wish they would had played like they believed what Miller said!

Tom Moore on Apr 13 at 20:39

Also liked Miller's response when asked if the Celtics won't have anything to play for because they've clinched the second seed: “Toronto didn’t have anything to play for,” said Miller of the team that beat the Sixers 111-104 on Sunday. “Toronto, New Jersey (96-67), and Charlotte had a little bit to play for. You can’t take these teams for granted, especially a veteran team like Boston, a possible (opening-round opponent). They probably want to come in here and make a point.”

Does he seem pissed off to you? I hope someone in that locker room is.

Tom Moore on Apr 13 at 22:57

Nope, Brian. He was just matter of fact. You're right -- wish somebody would show some emotion instead of acting like everything is fine.

Miller also said this about the defense: “Our defense is a problem. Hopefully, it’ll get better, but we’ve been having this problem all year. I just think, collectively, we’re not on the same page.”

Real and Speightacular on Apr 14 at 9:49

Brian, why're you using whole season stats when the Thad we're missing is the one from late Feb onward. Please compare those Thad stats with team results then vs now. I expect that will show a different picture.

WEll I don't really need anyone to get 'pissed off' - and looking for andre miller to get angry after he hasn't for, well, his entire career including playing for the clippers seems kind of silly.

It just really is sad that a 'big man' like reggie evans makes his team worse on the defensive glass...to me that's purely a function of basketball IQ...he doesn't know what he's doing

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