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Another Opportunity

Isn't this game an 8 pm tip? Thought it was on TNT but they were showing it to be televised on NBA TV after the Raptors game the other night weren't they?

You're right about the 8pm tip. ESPN says it's on TNT, but I remember seeing something about nbatv. let me double check.

ESPN.com, TNT.tv and NBA.com all have the game still on TNT tonight.

TV Guide.com still has it on TNT as well.

It would be fitting that they take away a national game from the Sixers. You know, it's kind of funny that they'd show the Heat/Hawks instead. That game has zero playoff implications, the Sixers game actually matters.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 17:36

Thanks for the clarification.

CN 8 is listed as TBA. I wonder if they will carry the feed if it is on NBA TV.

Typically the game is shown locally for NBA TV, but not if it is on TNT or ABC/ESPN.

I don't get NBA TV, so I hope it will be on either TNT or locally.

I assume if they bumped it from TNT they'd show the Miami/Atlanta game, but they haven't moved the start time of that game as far as I can tell.

I pray it's on TNT, just so I don't have to listen to those douche Boston announcers.

What, you don't want to hear about Tommy points and learn how biased the refs are against all things Boston?

That, and also I don't want to have to hear him chewing into the god damned microphone for the entire third quarter. Eat on your own time.

It is interesting looking at Sam, Speights and Evans over those 7 games. They each played about 23 minutes, but Sam was the most productive by the numbers (although does not show bone-headed plays by Sam and Evans- you need Jordan's new fangled stats to track those.)

I was hoping Speights would get his second wind, but he really has just been a jump shooting one dimensional, poor rebounding player (think Jason Smith as a rookie) over these last few months, and these last 7 games he has gotten more minutes but has not taken advantage of the opportunity.

..I was thinking about breaking up those run-on sentences, but then figured why not just keep it going

So do we really control our own destiny even though the Bulls beat Detroit last night? If the Bulls win their last game against Toronto and we were to somehow pull out our last two, do we still get the 6th seed? I was thinking that the Bulls had to lose to the Raptors for us to finish higher. So we own the head-to-head against them...or we would have a better conference record?

Yeah, we have the conference record tiebreaker over the bulls. A tie means we're the higher seed.

According to a post over at liberty ballers

Ray Allen suspended tonight

Lebron won't play tomorrow

ed stefanski is on DNL right now

Mike reply to Mike on Apr 14 at 18:17

i really do not like ed stefanski. he is way too happy go lucky in every interview i've seen. something about his demeanor just does not sit right with me.

john reply to Mike on Apr 14 at 18:27

I'm out on ed stefanski until he impresses me - i haven't been impressed or unimpressed yet - this off season is vital...

Mike reply to john on Apr 14 at 18:29

yea you're right. he really has no money to work with this offseason though, which is his own fault i suppose.

john reply to Mike on Apr 14 at 18:49

Even without money - he's got moves he needs to make and a coach to hire - he's got the MLE (if comcast will let him use it) -

wow paul pierce isn't playing tonight either.

ES said he hopes to get Thad 20+ both tonight and tomorrow

john reply to Mike on Apr 14 at 18:15

No PIerce, No Garnett, No Allen

If they lose this game - jeez - i mean they should bitchslap that team without Young playing if the 'big 3' aren't available

Given 40 minutes of playing time, Iguodala should score about 50 tonight. Who on that roster is even capable of guarding a three when Pierce is out?

by "three" i meant small forward here, not three pointer.

Tom Moore on Apr 14 at 18:58

Young is playing and starting. No limit on minutes, but DiLeo said it'll be in short spurts (probably 20 or so).

Tony Allen is starting at the two for Celts.

I'll take the under on Iguodala's points.

Heh. Who's starting at the three for Boston?

Tom Moore on Apr 14 at 19:26

Pierce, Big Baby, Perkins up front; Rondo and Allen at G.

Someone said Pierce wasn't playing. Oh well. Still should be a win.

Tom Moore on Apr 14 at 19:40

Just like Toronto and Jersey ... you never know.

I think the game is on TNT, but they haven't said one word about the Sixers/Celts since 8pm.

Marv and the Czar doing the game with Cheryl.

Pierce is playing, Thad is back in the starting lineup.

Celts are going to Powe down low on Thad, which is a strength mismatch. Sixers are not going to Thad on the perimeter with Powe on him, which is a quickness mismatch. Coaching problem?

Powe always gives us trouble, hope he gets tired out due to his extended abscence. Thad looking spry on the 1st play of the game.

The ankle looked good on the drive, bad on the free throw :)

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 20:31

And he held up well on the landing. Sure it will be stiff in the morning, can't believe Tom said above that they want to get him 20 more tom. night. They must feel that the 2-3 days off will be sufficient.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 14 at 20:35

Sorry, misread on the 20 tom. night. Ignore.

Willie is on fire.

Vintage Sammy, huh? Gets the steal, behind-the-back dribble, then a bounce pass to the Celts which led to a dunk on the other end. Awesome.

27-26 Celts after 1.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 20:53

I ROFLed at that one.

Where amazing happens.

Can we please hold them to around 20 here in the 2nd quarter with their 2nd unit?

23 points, close enough.

TNT at least the announcers can pronounce Speights.

Marv may be a perv, but he's good at his job.

One of those games from the line, huh.

They need to rename 'Free' throws.

Big lineup here: Ratliff, Speights, Thad, Iggy, Lou.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 21:01

I think Lou and Speights play best when they are both on the floor at the same time. Lou knows he can look for Speights whereas Speights gives him options so that he doesn't need to dribble the ball 20 seconds every time.

At one time I thought Speights/Ratliff was a good frontcourt. That has not been the case for a while. Very little rebounding or defensive presence.

What about Brand/Speights? Does that still have some hope down the line? Also, how bad will Speights/Smith be on the boards... maybe they both will improve?

Alvin reply to tk76 on Apr 14 at 21:03

Ratliff/Brand will be sick. We're talking defensive presence. Put them there will Iggy, Thad and Ivey and we have a slightly scaled down version of defense of the 2001 team.

You think Ratliff will be here next season? He's a free agent, and I'd like to have him back, but I'm not sure he'll be back. Crowded front court if they're going to be counting on Jason Smith as a rotation player.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 21:34

I think Smith and Speights are too similar, apart from the fact that Speights is much more athletic and Smith is about 2 inches taller.

Ratliff fulfills a different need, a backup big who can provide solid defense without the bone-headed plays. And we all know by now that that is quite a bit to ask for. I still see him being able to perform his role well so I do hope we can keep him.

It's going to be a tough call.

1. Iggy
2. Thad
3. Speights
4. Sammy
5. Willie
6. Evans
7. Ivey
8. Speights
9. Smith
10. Brand
11. Lou

Those are all the guys under contract, then you have to sign your first-round pick, that's 12. Three spots left for Miller, if they re-sign him, and one or two other bench guys. That teams looks like in the back court to me.

Obviously, a lot can change between now and then. I'd like to see Theo back.

Jesus, Marbury guarding Iggy. Put him on the blocks. Tony Allen on Thad! Mismatches all over the floor.

Thad looks absolutely fine to me.

Nice cross-over and going to his weak side to the right.

Great to see Thad back... being Thad.

marv albert has no idea who thaddeus young is. he said ratliff with the foul and speights with the drive, both of which were thad.

wow. does lou honestly believe he's become a LEADER and BETTER TEAMMATE this season?

Sadly, I believe he does.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 21:12

The Iverson syndrome.

Alvin reply to Nick on Apr 14 at 21:43

Someone's feeding him the same stuff Josh Howard's been having.

Looooong rest for Miller here.

Heh. I'm going to chalk that missed dunk up to rust on Thad's part.

Good spurt by the Sixers. Good to see Williams abusing Rondo off the dribble.

Very, very good second quarter. 58-50 lead at the half. Speights and Williams looked especially good in their second-quarter run.

Yep. The Abdres did not have to 'try so hard.' More of a team effort with Thad and Lou stepping up. Even some Speights.

According to my math, Miller only played 15 minutes and change.

Alvin reply to tk76 on Apr 14 at 22:09

I like Speights' contribution so far, 5 pts + 5 boards.

I wonder how Reggie Miller feels about traveling across the country with co-workers Mike Fratello and Marv Albert.

That dude Young looks like he was never hurt.

Good to see the Celts keeping their cool out there. 4 techs already.

I love that they keep going to Thad.

I'll take 8pt, 8 assist, 0 turnover games from my point guard anytime.

Alvin reply to Alvin on Apr 14 at 21:58

And I had to jinx it.

Thad's right around 20 minutes right now. They won't hold him out the entire fourth quarter, will they?

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 22:00

They shouldn't. They should go all out to win this game, Fan Appreciation Day and all. Besides, we still have an outside chance at #6, no?

Yep. Stefanski said he'd play about 20 minutes tonight and tomorrow night. Then before the game they said he wouldn't have a limit on his minutes. I have a feeling he'll be out there for the final 6 minutes of the game, or maybe he'll come in if/when Iggy rests.

Rondo is going to be a real headache in the playoffs. He will be too quick for Miller and I don't see Green keeping him away from the basket. Ivey may not fare much better. That being said, Miller should take him inside at the other end.

Willie with the block!

Finish this quarter strong. By the way, Pierce is about to become only the third SF/SG to score 30 on the Sixers this season.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 22:02

How is Pierce going 10-13 on us? I know I'm nitpicking but I can't stand the guy.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 22:11

Don't see that very often.

Not quite the end to the third I was looking for. 83-78, Sixers.

12 solid minutes of basketball, too much to ask?

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 22:16

It's been 36 minutes of solid basketball to be honest. 17 assists to 8 turnovers. 51.6% from the field.

the last 2 have been pretty bad. come on, don't blow this.

Technical number 5. I hope it was Scalabrine.

Bringing Thad in now is a positive sign that we're trying to win the game. Very good.

We don't need Royal jacking up three's right now, no matter if they go in. And that early in the shot clock?

I'd like to see Thad get the ball out top w/ Big Flabby on him.

Who gave Ivey license to shoot?

Come on guys, D the F up..........!!!!

Bad lineup out of the timeout for Tony. Should've brought Speights in for Ivey instead of going small. fuck me.

I'm excited by the prospect of both Thad and Iggy in the wings. Quite a few SFs would struggle to keep up with Thad.

You know, Miller doesn't use that shot fake on his perimeter jumper to get the defender in the air anymore. He would always earn us some free throws at crucial times with that move. He still tries to do it down low but haven't seen it in a while from the outside.

Alvin reply to Bryon on Apr 14 at 22:40

Yeah, I actually forgot about it until you mentioned it.

That being said, Thad has gone to the line just once. I'd get worried if he gets heavy contact but it'd help if he got to the line more often.

Thad @ basket = $$$

Turn up the D, eliminate the TOs.

What a pretty move by Thaddeus. This team sure has missed that!

I'd like to see the big lineup right now. Dalembert, Speights, Young, Iggy, Miller. They went on a nice run w/ that lineup in the second quarter and Boston simply cannot match up with it.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 22:37

I was about to ask where the hell Dalembert was. Good call Brian, DiLeo is listening somehow.

We need ball movement, not contested jumpers Iggy.

Alvin reply to Bryon on Apr 14 at 22:39

I think that move was Iggy wanting to be the man.

Big block by Dalembert.

Damn Thad had a wide open baseline, shouldn't have taken that 3.

Why so many threes????

Who takes the shot? Thad's wind is gone. No legs on that last shot.

7th it is.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 22:49

So what if the Raptors pull the upset tomorrow against the Bulls and we beat Clev.? Don't we get 6th?


Alvin reply to Bryon on Apr 14 at 23:12

Don't see that happening though.

Nothing creative about an 'iso' for the game winner. And 2 guys (Lou, Sp8's) standing side by side on the baseline? WTF!

Tray reply to Bryon on Apr 14 at 22:55

Who took the shot? What specifically was so terrible about it?

If you're talking about the last shot, it was Iguodala from about the timeline. It was terrible that they couldn't get the ball in any closer to the hoop. It was a prayer.

If you're talking about the shot before, Iguodala got into the lane on Pierce and went up over him and someone else with a floater, didn't fall.

Bryon reply to Tray on Apr 14 at 23:16

It was more the design, or lack of, the play with 18 seconds left. They ran the same thing they do at the end of a 1st or 2nd quarter with either Lou or Iggy just dribbling down the clock with an isolation one-on-one drive. And there was no spacing at all if Iggy did try to kick out with Lou and Sp8's standing just outside the lane whispering each other's ear.

I guess DiLeo let Iggy talk him out of the actual play like he did in the game at LA when Iggy told him he was going to win the game. I'm all for the players have to execute, but Tony friggin DiLeo - a damn isolation with 18 on the clock to win or at least go ahead. Sheesh! How creative!

You are appreciated, fans. F me.

Pretty terrible shot there.

Alvin reply to Joe on Apr 14 at 23:05

Someone should tell Iggy that he is good at a lot of things, but threes are not one of them. He did make the big one against LA but that was the exception.

That being said, though, we don't have a guy to go to for a game-winner.

I think this puts it beyond any reasonable doubt that we will lose to Boston in 4 games. They seem to be able to shut us down at will. Too many times in the fourth quarter we couldn't buy a basket.

Not sure if its more on the coach or players... but the last 4 min a whole lot f jumpers. Iguodala and Thad had a couple of post moves, but other than that they looked to want to create open jumpers.

Maybe that would work well for another team...

Seemed to me like they didn't have the energy left to force the issue. It's understandable, when you think about it.

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