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A Sixers Package For Melo

No thanks on Melo. No idea why the Sixers aren't doing everything they can to get Favors and finally go young.

The way our team keeps trying to get established stars and sign guys is killing me.

The only way we can get Melo is if we give up picks anyway right? That's the last thing we need to do.

No idea why the Sixers aren't doing everything they can to get Favors and finally go young.

You have no idea that they aren't do you? We have no idea what the sixers are and aren't trying to do.

As for Carmelo, if he agrees to an extension and they don't have to give up igoudala or holiday - it should be considered.

However, if by some miracle it happened it just makes the sam trade even worse because they'd be much better starting sam with iguodala turner brand and anthony than starting Hawes

Yeah, we'd probably have to give up a future 1st Rounder too, which I guess Carmelo would make less valuable, with a higher record. A major point that makes Philly an intriguing place is that we have two wing players that Denver could be intrigued in that they could take one of. Both Iguodala and Turner could fit with Melo in certain ways.

Your scenario is probably preferrable Brian, but they might rather have Iguodala and expirings plus a pick. It's kind of what Denver feels about the whole team, so we can only go on the vague speculated NBA value of the 76ers. I agree that Turner has a higher value than Favors, but are Speights and Thad 'good' young pieces? As a fanbase, we all acknowledge they have shortcomings, but people around the league talk somewhat highly about them (The book is out on Speights' work ethic though). If I'm Denver, I want Iguodala back in the deal, because I know I'm getting back similar value in return. The weird thing is that I feel Iguodala is undervalued in league circles (all speculation), so maybe they don't think as highly.

Long story short, he probably won't come here anyway, but I think we all know that Carmelo is a good scorer and player in this league. An Iguodala/Jrue/Melo combo sounds good, but then we're pencilling in Spencer Hawes in for heavy minutes this year. Melo has physical guys like Nene, K-Mart, and Birdman backing him now. How does he play with Spencer Hawes and Tony Battie behind him?

I'd much prefer the 3 teamer that lands us Favors if we were to deal Iguodala.

I really don't want to trade Evan Turner at this point, I think he and Jrue have the makings of such a nice tandem. Plus the more I watch and listen to Carmelo and his crew the less I'm interested in him.

But as much as I like Iguodala, I am totally on board with the three way deal possiblility involving Favors. I was looking at the trade machine again and I think there's a viable way for the Sixers to get both Murphy and Favors. It hinges on convincing NJ to take back Chris Andersen and his 4 year contract in the deal. He could definetely play alongside Brook Lopez and do all the things from a defense/rebounding perspective that Lopez doesn't.

So the deal would look like this -
To the Sixers: Favors, Murphy
To the Nets: Carmelo, C. Andersen
To the Nuggets: Iguodala, Thad, Speights, Humphries

Deal saves the Sixers 1 million, Nuggets 3-4 million I believe if you include the luxury tax, and gets them out of Andersen's deal and plus they don't have to take back Devin Harris. For the Nets, Andersen does pretty well cleaning up the glass and shotblocking, and his contract is lengthy but not huge. How much do the Nets really want Carmelo? Do you think guys think the teams would be willing to do this deal?

For me, Speights, Young and Iguodala is too many young players to give up for Favors. He might be worth it, but I'm not willing to give away that many pieced.

But I'm sure in many peoples view Thad and Speights have no future with this team. But I'd like to see a future starting frontcourt of Favors/Speights. And I think Young could at least develop into a solid bench player if you can resign him to Lou money. And best case Jrue/Turner/Thad could be a good future starting unit since their skill sets are complementary. Obviously Young has to improve, but he is the same age as Turner.

Yeah, I hear what you're saying about it being pricey, but I think it's the piece that could actually get the deal done. Plus the Sixers would save enough money under the cap to sign a big player during the next free agency if the cap doesn't plunge too far down.

I would love to see the Sixers save their money and if they did this deal then go after Marc Gasol next year casue his contract is up, and Memphis is gonna be crazy cheap with their money after resigning Gay. Could you imagine a frontcourt with Gasol and Favors? Oh my goodness. See I think that's gonna be the way to beat Miami the next few years, go big and punish them on the glass both ways.

FWIW, I'd much rather see them trade for Favors...

But given Thorn's track record of trading for superstars in their prime, I can see them at least trying to acquire Carmelo. The key thing is Melo at 26 is young enough to be part of rebuilding. Melo(26), Iguodala(26), Jrue(20), Lou(23) would complement each other, and be at win at PG/SG/SF 95% of the time.

The bigger issue is where the NBA is headed. If you are talking "super-team" then adding Howard to Jrue/Melo/Iguodala in 3 years would certainly qualify. I'm just not sure they would have the cap space to get Howard, but IMO Howard would want to join that team. And in today's NBA a star wanting to join you team is 1/2 the battle.

But personally, the fact that I dislike watching Melo kills it for me. But I'm not the GM- and we know Thorn's M.O.

Louis Farrakhan III on Sep 20 at 22:29

This re-design makes my soul hurt

Still a work in progress, especially the entry pages. I want to live w/ it for a couple of days before I make any final decisions.

Court_visioN on Sep 21 at 1:55

The biggest issue I think is whether Melo would be willing to sign a contract extension.

James Beale reply to Court_visioN on Sep 22 at 5:09

That isn't an issue. He wouldn't.

No way Turner in return of Melo. Can we adquire Melo and Favors in return of Iggy, Thad, Speights/Hawes, Green, Kapono?

This will be fantastic for us!

I believe Collins said that he did not want his tenure as coach to be one of quick fixes, so whilst Thorn might want the superstar in Melo, I would hope that Collins would want to see how Turner progresses alongside Jrue and Iguodala.

The other thing, and please forgive me if I have gotten this completely wrong, is would Melo actually care to come to the Sixers and play his heart out? From what I have seen i'm not so sure, and Turner has been saying all the right things so far and appears genuinely excited to be playing in Philly.

deepsixersuede reply to RFD on Sep 21 at 8:33

I agree with you; Collins may not sign off on a Thad, Iggy package for Carmelo but a Favors move may tickle his fancy. My question is do we trump N.J. and do something with the knicks? Does a package of Mozgov, Gallinari,Curry [exp.],along with a young piece from either N.Y. or Denver work in a move that gives up Iggy and possibly forces N.York to take Nucioni's contract off our hands?

I was playing around with some Knicks packages, the best return I could come up with is Danillo and Toney Douglas, which doesn't seem like enough for Iguodala.

I would do this in a second. Would like to keep Speights out of the deal, even if only for the lack of big bodies on the team.

Very excited about Evan, but Carmello is the type of player we can only hope he becomes, and the kind of volume scorer that the team needs. I think him and Iguodala would be a serious combination, add Jrue, and hopefully a more healthy Brand. Could be some very nice years around here.

If you watched any of the World Championship games you noticed how good Iguodala played with Kevin Duran. Putting him on the floor with Carmelo Anthony would be the perfect combination. Iguodala would get to play the 2nd option role he's meant to play while Melo still gets to be a lead scorer. Blah blah blah! We all knew this already.

Two points I wanna bring up. 1) If the Sixers trade away Turner, are they ready to offer Melo the max deal that he's looking for? There's no reason to trade away a potential franchise player in Turner for only one season on Carmelo Anthony. 2) Getting Anthony will guarantee one thing fir sure, more tickets sold. That's an speak that no team owner, president, GM can ignore.

eddies' heady's on Sep 21 at 10:13

If we trade for Carmelo can we also get back the old design in the deal too? :)

I think most would agree that trading for Carmelo, whatever the package, is only worth it for the Sixers if he becomes the cornerstone of their franchise, i.e., they sign him to a multi-year max deal. He would give the Sixers a #1 guy, the superstar the Sixers haven't had since Iverson left.

But would that be worth it? How do we know the Sixers wouldn't just turn into a version of their 05-06 team, with one superstar (Iverson), one #2 (Webber), and no playoffs? When I was researching my "League of Superstars" post a while back, I was surprised to find that the Nuggets with Carmelo had gone 1-6 in first round playoff series. This was with a much better supporting cast than the Sixers have now (Camby, Kenyon Martin, Andre Miller or Iverson, eventually Billups), though against better competition. An Eastern Conference team built around Carmelo might win some first round series but would likely be no closer to a conference championship than the Sixers are now.

Honestly, I'd like to see what the Sixers have in their current team before they pull the trigger on a major trade ...

Tray reply to Statman on Sep 21 at 11:51

Because Webber was nearly finished at that point. And who's the analogue to an overrated Iverson here? Melo's surely a better scorer than past-peak Iverson was.

Because Webber was nearly finished at that point. And who's the analogue to an overrated Iverson here? Melo's surely a better scorer than past-peak Iverson was.

Webber averaged a 20-10 that year (though very inefficiently on offense). Iverson averaged 33 PPG that year (career high) on 54.3 TS% (the highest of his Philly career), nearly identical to Carmelo's career TS% and TS% last year. You'd be hard-pressed to argue that Carmelo is a better scorer now than Iverson was in 05-06 (I'd concede a draw). Getting Carmelo would guarantee nothing, especially if Iguodala gets shipped out in the process.

Yeah, I hate the re-design. Iguodala-Melo, while not Jordan-Pippen, would be pretty great. I'm certainly okay with shipping off Turner and Speights for him.

What's with all the whining. The site functions pretty much exactly the same. No one forces anyone to post here. You don't like the design, build your own site

Nah, if people don't like it, I want to know. I'd prefer specific complaints so I can figure out what changes need to be made. Blanket, "I liked the old site better," comments aren't really that helpful.

Marty reply to Brian on Sep 21 at 13:12

New site looks great - don't change a thing. Except for when you link to something on another page, have that *new* page open in a separate window. Don't navigate away from your page.

As for the Carmelo stuff - there's no doubt a package of Turner, Thaddeus, Green, and Kapono (plus a #1) trumps the Nets pu pu platter. The question is whether he'd agree to the extension (as previously mentioned above). What people haven't talked about though are two things that could work in our favor, or against. Allen Iverson and Leon Rose. Rose is Melo's agent (along with WWW) and was also Iverson's. His offices are in south jersey, if I'm not mistaken. Iverson and Melo are very close friends. If the Sixers do put a deal on the table that tickles the Nuggets fancy, could AI and/or Rose convince him to come and sign the extension or discourage him from Philadelphia.

PS - How nice would it be to have Dalembert's expiring contract right now? And I'm not including Speights in the deal because we'll need a big man to backup Hawes and Brand.

Jason reply to Brian on Sep 21 at 13:40

I wouldn't mind a border around the comment section. Or something to distinguish it from the rest of the white page.

ryano reply to Brian on Sep 21 at 15:55

The only thing I'd add would be a border around the comments. Something to differentiate between the sections. That's about it. Looks good.

This is where we need a team philosophy. Without a philosophy you get Brand and Jordan. With a philosophy you get Celtics, Thunder & Blazers.

Sixers need to decide if they want to win now - which would require trading away Turner and put Jrue on the block as well (Jrue is good, but is he a finals level PG for the next two years).

Or build for the future, which means getting rid of Iggy & Brand (if possible, but most likely stick him on the bench).

I'd rather see this sixers team get young and build for the future. I just really can't take another season of going nowhere.

Okay, specific design problems. Everything's crammed into the left side of the site. Especially with the pictures. I don't like reading lines of text that are six words long. Or pictures that are so tiny that I can't recognize who's in them. There's not enough delineation between posts; the site feels like a series of photos with little captions next to them. Especially when the post header, as in one instance, is in the accompanying photo itself. Generally, I feel lost in the white space. Once you're in a particular post, things aren't nearly as bad.

My only comment about the redesign is the footer...aesthetically it's just too tall. But that's a design preference thing.

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