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To me, it would seem like there is no point to keep to send him down to AAA if Tabata and Jackson are more highly regarded. It's not like the Yanks are really shielding Gardner from anything, so why not just throw him in there and see what he can do. Right?

Some think the future outfield might be Gardner in center, Jackson in left and Tabata in right. Personally, I think the odds of all 3 panning out are pretty slim. I'd like to see the kid up here now.

brian, what are your thoughts on trading one/some of the 4 OF's?

You figure with Melky, Brett, and tabata and austin comin up, in the future the yanks will have two of them TOPS, if that.

that means you definitely want to trade the other two, but who and when will their value be at the highest point?

Tough decisions lol

I'm probably in the minority on this, but I wouldn't move Melky, at this point he's the only known quantity. A-Jax probably has the most upside. At this point, if I had to trade one of them it would be Tabata. Hopefully it doesn't get to the point where they absolutely have to trade for a piece. I'd like to see all 4 develop in pinstripes, then have the yanks make an informed decision. That way we don't give up on a potential all star and wind up with a marlon Byrd.

Chris reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 21:13

Brett Gardner is the kind of player that will offer an extra zap of juice late in the game. There is no doubt about his speed on the basepath. As a pinch runner for Giambi or whomever late in the game is a viable idea. But then I saw him track down a ball to deep right-center and save the game by making an incredible catch. This led me to beleive he can not only replace Melky, but might be an even better man to put out there. I'm biased because he is a dear friend of mine, but as one I also know he is clutch. Always has been and always will be. He's just one of those guys.

There's no harm in having Gardner play at AAA for most the season. Chances are Johnny Damon is going to wind up on the DL at some point or another and Gardner has played an excellent left this spring.

If a late inning speed guy is what you want on the bench then I say why not keep Bernie Castro on the team. He sures up the middle infield defense more than Betemit and he's a burner on the base paths. He's also a non-prospect and would just be appreciative of his role on a big league club.

I agree that Ensberg is a waste of a spot and believe the Yankees may be trying to trade him for a something. I know the Dodgers are in need of 3rd baseman and the Rays would like a stop gap for Longoria.

Let's not get too far ahead ourselves. I mean it is only spring training. Gardner has looked good but I'd like to see him do it in AAA before we make any serious moves regarding him. Let's remember that last year his play in AAA was just average. The best option is to put him in AAA for the time being and give him an opportunity to show us what he can do on an everday basis there. If he plays really well there he may put some pressure on Melky at which point you can bring him up and get him some work in the majors. Keeping him in AAA playing everyday also will get him prepared if someone gets injured and he is needed in an everyday role in the majors.

I'm not sure I see the harm in having him start the season on the roster. He'll get a couple of starts at least in the first week, see if he stays hot. If he looks over-matched, send him back down. If he looks like he belongs, find a role for him.

If we're talking long term, he's behind A-Jax and Tabata on the organizational depth chart anyway.

nyyfaninlaaland on Mar 25 at 0:04

One big problem is that to keep Gardner he has to be added to the 40 man roster, which also means someone has to be deleted. The 2 obvious moves (60 DL for Pavano and Brackman) have already been used. Sanchez could be put there, but hopefully he'll be ready by June, meaning someone else will have to be dropped (or injured enough to go on the 60). Henn remains a strong possibility for a roster spot. But I think the Yanks would like to keep a spot open for another IF reserve too. All the same issues apply for Castro, for even less payback.

Seems foolish to have Gardner sitting around at the cost of a roster spot. Adding him in Sept. when it should be clearer who's not in the long term plan (sooner if needed and an injury or something frees a spot) and his speed could help win a key game. Then you can decide if he's useful in the playoffs like Ellsbury was for the Sox. He'll have to be added in the poffseason to be kept anyway.

Cashman has always tried to maintain his options when roster spots are involved - never acting earlier than necessary.

Good point. Henn and Britton would be at the top of my list. If Cervelli is going to be out for more than 60 days they could put him on the DL and free up a spot that way.

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