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Well, about 7 hours of football later, my excitement for the Eagles/Giants showdown at the Linc later today hasn't died down a bit. Lessons learned from today's games: 1. Herm Edwards is not only a horrible coach, but a moron; 2. Tony Romo's deal with the devil has officially expired.

The headline on the top of ESPN.com right now reads, "Bobble 'Boy," the picture they're running is of Tony Romo botching a perfect snap on what would've been the go-ahead field goal for the Cowboys (picture below). Had they made the field goal Seattle would've had about 1:19, and no timeouts left to come back for the win. Romo was mediocre at best throughout the game, and disastrous at the end. Terrell Owens had two catches. Either T.O., Parcells or both will be gone from this Cowboys team by opening day next year, and the Tony Romo Experience is going to be short-lived in Dallas as well. If they're smart, they'll start looking for another QB.

In the first game of the day, Herm Edwards went into Indy apparently thinking that all he had to do was call Larry Johnson's number 40 times and the Colts would roll over and play dead. No such luck. It took the Chiefs nearly 3 quarters to get a first down. If Payton Manning hadn't choked all over the field, the Colts would've won this game by 50.

It's now 12 hours and 30 minutes until the Eagles get their shot at the big time. I can't wait.

The Picks: ESPN's "expert panel" is taking the Eagles across the board, usually a horrible sign, but they picked the Eagles last week too and it didn't jinx them, so keep your fingers crossed. Bill Simmons took the Giants getting 6.5, but picked the Eagles to win a close one. Frequent commenter Pokerstar17 is betting on the Giants money line, which means big trouble for Big Blue.

Hopefully, all the Tony Romo hype will finally die down now that he's been exposed as a butterfingered choke artist.

by Brian on Jan 7 2007