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Last season, the Eagles spent the first half just missing. Their schedule was littered with games that could have, and should have won, but they didn't. They didn't make the plays when they had to. The teams they were playing did. Take nothing away from the Bears. That goal-line stand was huge, they were living in the Eagles' backfield and they stoned them on three plays from inside the one. You have to tip your cap to a group that can do that with their backs against the wall, game on the line. They earned this win.

Would the game have turned out differently if Westbrook was in there? Who knows. This is the NFL and the odds of playing an entire season with everyone healthy are zero. You have to be able to play without anyone and get the job done. The Eagles couldn't do that.

I will say that this is the most-dominating defensive performance which still allowed 24 points. I thought Reid went into the turtle offense again, not taking any chances, letting the defense make the plays, in the second half. It almost worked, but you can't really do that when you're trailing. Otherwise you run out of time.

DeSean Jackson did what talented rookies do. He made a couple of huge plays on offense early, then coughed up a punt. It happens. You have to live with it and hope that in the future he learns from his mistakes and bounces back from them a little better.

The run D was amazing, again. Forte finished with 19 carries for 43 yards, 2.3 yards/carry. Orton had a great first half, probably the best half of his career. It took Jim Johnson a full half to realize that blitzes equal turnovers. I'm not sure why it took that long, but maybe he'll learn his lesson this time. He obviously didn't learn it from the Dallas game.

2-2 is not a great way to start the season, but the schedule does get easier from here on out, the Cowboys lost today, and hopefully Westbrook will be back next week. If this game is the last close one that gets away from them, we'll look back and say the early losses build character. If the Eagles miss the playoffs by a game, well, we'll know which ones to look back on.

Offensive Player of The Game: DeSean. He was their only weapon.
Defensive Player of The Game: Omar Gaither, 9 tackles and recovered fumble.
Special Teams Player of The Game: Sav. He punted to Hester 6 times, and got enough hang time on them to keep him from breaking one. In fact, he had 4 returns for 1 yard.

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by Brian on Sep 28 2008
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