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Well, the run D was excellent (27 rushes for 91 yards from the running backs), their containment of Campbell was bad (5 rushes for 40 yards), the pass D was fine (209 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT), but this game didn't come down to the defense at all. After 2 games, it sure seems like this team's most glaring weakness is at wide receiver.

You can point to the play that effectively ended the game, a dropped pass by Kevin Curtis, but that would only tell half of the story. Not only do the receivers have butterfingers, they also can't get open, at all. They're small, they're apparently slow, and also weak. I don't know how you fix this in the middle of a season. Step one is probably going to be moving Jason Avant up on the depth chart, because he's the only one who's showing the ability to make a play.

Injuries are a concern, especially with the Lions and their "Mike Martz" offense coming to town. Weapon X left the game with an injury, who knows when Lito's going to be back. William James was picked on tonight. It's a mess, folks. I'm obviously not being very objective tonight, I don't see how I could be after that disaster, maybe I'll gain perspective later in the game.

I don't know why Andy tried to ice the kicker at the end of the first half, but that play didn't have any bearing on the final score. Stupid, but not difference.

Here's the main question I have, the Eagles averaged 5.7 yards per rush. They averaged 5.2 yards per pass attempt. They only ran the ball 20 times (2 of those were scrambles by McNabb). I could understand abandoning the run if it wasn't working, or if the passing game was working. Neither was the case tonight. One way to create more room for a lackluster receiving corps is to run the f&cking ball. The other team will have to bring the safeties up, which will create one-on-one opportunities. When you run the ball under 30% of the time, they never have to play honest D.

Just an ugly display by the coaching staff, receivers and McNabb to be honest with you. He bounced several passes, and blew a wide-open TD to Curtis in the fourth with an errant pass.

On the bright side, at least they didn't turn the ball over.

Player of The Game: Brian Westbrook. 162 total yards.
by Brian on Sep 17 2007
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