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On a scale of 1 to 10, I think this post rates a 15 on the embarrassment meter. Back in November when the Phils traded Michael Bourn for Brad Lidge I didn't like the move for the Phils. Well, it's pretty clear how wrong I was at this point. Lidge has anchored the Phils pen, which has been their absolute strength all season long, he still hasn't blown a save, and they're probably going to ride his right arm to the World Series.

Good for the Phils. If both series finish as they are right now, this will be the first series that I'm truly interested in since 2003. The ratings would probably be garbage, but I'll be watching. Oh, and Shane Victorino is by far my favorite non-Yankee, he also tops the list of guys I want the Yanks to trade for (who they never will.)


by Brian on Oct 14 2008
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