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Clippers @ Sixers, DF @ The Wach.

Good news: The Clippers are also coming off a back-to-back. Bad news: They lost to the Knicks last night, and scored only 33 points against NY in the second half. The Sixers are riding high after winning in Boston, the Clippers should be angry, very angry, heading into the Wach for the 7:30 tip tonight.

In lieu of a preview I have a question. The Clippers start a very, very big lineup. Kaman and Camby are essentially centers. I have to believe we'll see more of EB/MS at the 4/5 than SD/TY, no?

I am at the Wach, so you guys are on your own again for the game thread. Tonight is the field trip, so check out Twitter for pictures from the game (hopefully we'll get a shot of DepressedFan.com on the jumbotron).

Two in a row? Is it possible?

Dare to dream, fellas.
by Brian on Dec 19 2009
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