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Lottery Fallout

When the magic ping pong balls handed the number one pick to the Clippers last night, the fate - or at least the availability - of a few players changed instantaneously. After the jump, we'll talk about whether the Sixers can find a way to take advantage.

First of all, raise your hand if you think there's a decent chance the Clippers will find a way screw up this pick...yeah, me too.

If the do keep the pick, and take Blake Griffin, that leaves the following fours and fives on their roster:
  • Zach Randolph (2 years, $33M remaining on contract)
  • Marcus Camby (1 year, $9.6M remaining on contract)
  • Chris Kaman (3 years, $33.9M remaining on contract)
  • DeAndre Jordan (1 year, minimum rookie 2nd-round deal)
  • Blake Griffin ($4.1M this season in year one of his rookie deal)

Something has to give, right? You get the feeling the Clippers will be desperately trying to move Zach Randolph first. When there are no takers, they'll move on to Kaman. Ultimately, however, Marcus Camby is the guy who they're probably going to be able to move. This brings up a couple of scenarios.

This is very, very convoluted, so bear with me. If the Clippers can pull of their rumored Baron Davis for Corey Maggette deal with the Warriors, then could they be a potential sign-and-trade partner with the Sixers for Andre Miller? It would basically be a sign-and-trade sending Camby to the Sixers for Miller.

Of course, that would then necessitate the Sixers finding a new home for Sam Dalembert, which we've already said won't be an easy task.

An alternative move could be to simply send Dalembert to LA for Kaman. If all else fails, the Clippers may be willing to make the swap simply to get out from under a contract 1 year earlier.

Personally, I'd love to find a way to replace Dalembert with Marcus Camby. I'd say the odds are extremely, extremely low. Camby has to be viewed as a very good asset this season, with his on-court play and his reasonable, expiring contract.

As usual, the Clippers are in a precarious position. Funny how a team can have winning the lottery create a whole mess of problems. I still think there's a fairly good chance they take Rubio and this whole debate is moot. What do you guys think, any way the Sixers can capitalize on the mess that is the Clippers?

There's already a report about the Wizards looking to trade out of the #5 pick.
by Brian on May 20 2009
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