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PG Interviews In Chicago

Kevin Tatum has a story on Philly.com about three points the Sixers either interviewed, or plan on interviewing: Jonny Flynn, Ty Lawson and Stephen Curry.

Lawson and Flynn both seemed pretty excited by the idea of playing for Philly, and Lawson said he'd probably be working out some time later in June. Curry was sort of ambivalent, saying "I can't really say how I'd fit in there."

Lawson hasn't exactly wowed the GMs at the combine. I saw him in the shuffle and he looked a bit stiff, like maybe his foot still wasn't healed. What I saw of Flynn wasn't very impressive either. I think of the three, Lawson is the most likely to be available at #17. The Bucks are said to have interest in Flynn at number ten.

Both Flynn and Lawson measured under 6 feet. Curry measured at 6'2" without shoes. Statistics on the other portions of the combine aren't yet available (vertical leap, shuttle run, three-quarter court sprint, bench press, etc.).

I expect the Sixers will work out several more points, and probably a slew of shooting guards as well. We'll keep an eye on the reports over the coming weeks. My order of preference among these three goes as follows:

1. Curry
2. Lawson
3. Flynn

I had a chance to watch the second day of combine coverage on ESPNU last night. The guy who impressed me the most was Darren Collison. He's a small point, but lightning quick and I don't think I saw him miss a single jumper. He's got a funky looking shot, but he was draining everything. He shot the three very, very well throughout his college career.