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As the summer wears on and the storylines grow scarce I'm forced to turn to extremely unusual places for inspiration. Last night, it was late night Cinemax (not quite that late, though.) Richard Prior's remake of Brewster's Millions was on and obviously, it got me thinking about the Sixers.

If you haven't seen the movie (and you should be ashamed of yourself if you haven't), here's the plot. Prior is a deadbeat minor league baseball player, a distant relative dies and names him in his will. He's the only heir, but there's a catch. If Prior can spend $30M in 30 days without acquiring any assets, he will inherit the entire $300M fortune. If he can't, he gets nothing.

Since my mind is usually wrapped around the Sixers at this time of night anyway, I obviously put myself in Brewster's shoes and imagined the phone call I'd make to Ed Stefanski. Here's the conundrum, the Sixers are obviously limited in what they can do by the economy, but if they weren't, what would you want them to do?

Imagine you have enough money to pay for the Sixers to add one available free agent to the team. They can overpay to get him, the only catch is that he must be available (either an unrestricted free agent, or a restricted free agent), and you have to follow the rules of the CBA. Meaning, if the guy isn't named Andre Miller, Royal Ivey, Theo Ratliff or Donyell Marshall, you cannot pay him more than $5.6M. Forget sign-and-trades, just a straight up free agent signing.

Here's Chad Ford's list of the top available free agents, I used it as my guide. Here are the options I came up with.

  • Lamar Odom - Full MLE offer. He's the best available player, even if he doesn't fit a need.
  • Ramon Sessions - Full MLE offer. He's the best point guard available, while by no means an ideal fit for the team (he's a worse shooter than Andre Miller), he would make them better this season and ease the pressure on Jrue and Lou to run the show.
  • CJ Waton - Full MLE offer, just because money is no object and this would ensure the Warriors wouldn't match. I like Watson for this team, a point with good size who can really shoot the three, he could have a home on this team for a long, long time.
  • Andre Miller - If I couldn't get any of the guys above, I'd bit the bullet and pay Miller $10M for one season. Again, money is no object and I'd overpay Miller simply to keep him happy for a year, then next summer he'd be someone else's problem.

There are a couple of points to this post. First, there's really nothing to talk about in the middle of July. Second, even if the Sixers did have a ton of money to throw around, or they were willing to go over the luxury tax, there really isn't much out there that's worth spending for. Odom isn't coming to Philly, Sessions wants a longer deal. On this short list, only CJ Watson is a legitimate option (and that's only if Orlando blew the rest of their MLE on Matt Barnes).

Still, I opened this can of worms, so what do you guys think. If you could subsidize Comcast with newfound millions, who would you insist they sign?
by Brian on Jul 22 2009
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