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Daryl Morey Stole My Idea

The first free agency report broke early and will probably break my heart as well. Rockets' GM Daryl Morey apparently rang Marcin Gortat's doorbell at 12:01 a.m. I guess he read my post from earlier Tuesday.

Let's use this post to keep track of the rumors of the day. Make sure you leave a link in the comment.

UPDATE: 12:57 p.m.

There's a rumor circulating involving the Sixers and the Rockets. The base of the deal would be Dalembert for McGrady, but the Sixers would have to add other pieces to make the deal work.

McGrady's deal will pay him $22,483,124 this season. Dalembert's will pay $12,125,694. The Sixers would have to send at least $17,886,499 to Houston in order to make the deal work. When you factor in Dalembert's trade kicker, he would be worth $13.94M in a deal, so essentially, the Sixers would have to find another player, or players, to add to the deal whose salary(ies) equal at least $4M. Willie Green makes $3.6M, which would fall just short of the amount the Sixers need to send. The rumor says the Sixers do not want to include Lou Williams in the deal.

The math doesn't seem to work out unless the Sixers are willing to include Lou Williams (after his BYC runs out later this month), they could also include Jason Smith to make the numbers line up.

This move would get Sammy off the roster, and it would give the Sixers somewhere under $10M in cap space next season, but it raises a few issues. First, they're probably going to be taking back more salary than they're sending out. Meaning, their wiggle room below the luxury tax for this season will shrink, possibly by as much as $5M. Meaning you can kiss Miller goodbye, and you can forget about using the full MLE to replace him. Oh, and you still wouldn't have a center.

It would be a big risk and I think you could officially consider this season a rebuild if they made this deal as constructed. Now, if they expanded it a little, sending more salary to Houston and getting something in return, like maybe Kyle Lowry, Aaron Brooks or Von Wafer, a player who fits a need, then I could live with it.