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Thad's Disappearing Act

Last night, in the comments Noah asked if there was a split available to track Thad's performance throughout the game. It seems to me, and to a number of other people as well, that Thad disappears after the break very frequently. I pulled the data (thanks in large part to data made available by BasketballGeek.com), check out the numbers after the jump.

I didn't want to look at Thad's numbers in a vacuum, so I ran the same splits for Iguodala and Willie (the other two wings with the most minutes played). Here's the chart, I've highlighted the most-impressive numbers throughout. Click on the image to enlarge:

A couple things jump out at me right away. First, Thad's involvement and effectiveness drop off the table after the first half. Essentially, he's a non-factor starting with minute 25:00 of every game.

Iguodala comes out trying to get involved, and his jumper falls early on very frequently. He takes a backseat in the second and third quarters and he's uber-aggressive in the fourth (check out the FTA/36 min). Unfortunately, his FG% drops significantly when the fourth rolls around.

Willie is a complete beast scoring the ball in the third. I mean, in every way imaginable. Most of these stats occurred with Willie coming off the bench, usually after the starters have been out-played and out-coached for their brief run to kick off the second half. Willie has absolutely done his job as that energy guy off the bench, and I think you can probably chalk up more than one of the Sixers comebacks to his shooting in that role.

That sums up the what pretty well. Now I want to know what you guys think the why is. Why does Thad drop off? The numbers are right there, this isn't an illusion, the guy is essentially Rodney Carney after the half offensively, what do you think is causing it?
by Brian on Dec 21 2009
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